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HUCUS Ukraine

The Emergency Logistic Response Program is about free and fast logistics of humanitarian aid for people around the globe, especially for Ukraine and others crisis areas

Our team is seeking humanitarian cargo for people around the globe. We need vast humanitarian assistance: medical supplies and equipment, hygiene products, long-term storage of food products, etc. We also seek financial and infrastructural aid: cars, fire engines, buses, ambulances, structures, and materials used to construct modular cities. If you want to share warmth, kindness, and love, please email us at, and we will deliver it to the right place.

East Europe - POLAND - UKRAINE

The emergency logistic humanitarian line was created between an American NGO, HUCUS, and Help Ukraine Center Poland in 2022 to deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This project was possible thanks to the collaboration of Poland, Ukrainian, American, and German partners, TIS, Rosetka, and Nova Poshta, Hapag Lloyd AG, Project C.U.R.E, METTER, UFA, DVS Express, Meest America, Dnipro LLC, etc.

The HUCUS team with partners, during September - December 2022, delivered to Ukraine 118 419.1 lbs of humanitarian cargo. The primary recipients were the most prominent Ukrainian NGO, Spivdia and Korporatsia Monstriv, who worked on the ground with people, hospitals, kids, civilians, etc. The market value of delivered, in-kind cargo in 2022 was approximately $4.8 million.

HUCUS Global
(Delivery aids for others counties)

Project in the process

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