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World for Ukraine with best projects: our team's first and most significant project is a mutual transatlantic logistics initiative to deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This project, facilitated by the Help Ukraine Center USA, involves a collaboration between the Help Ukraine Center in Poland and HUCUS in the United States. The primary goal of this initiative is to create a unique opportunity for humanitarian organizations to ship all aid cargo to crisis regions free of charge, ensuring sustained support for people during the war.


In addition to our logistics project, we have developed a remarkable Art and Development program to support and promote Ukrainian heritage and foster connections with modern and contemporary culture. This program enriches American society by celebrating Ukrainian heritage and Eastern European traditions, building solid friendships and cultural connections. Equally important is our information program, which aims to combat propaganda and support democracy in Eastern European countries through collaborative efforts.

The gallery below shows our main pictures with short descriptions and reports about our project for Ukraine since 2022. 

...Ukraine for World

HUCUS Reports Gallery

Every day, our team builds HUCUS and society. 

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